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Wilderness Women Don’t Sing the Blues
June 24, 2013
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Wilderness Women at West Baldy Trail Head – 2 More Joined Our Adventure After Work Women like me aren’t difficult to typecast; iPhone toting, REI-shopping lover of the outdoors.  I can light a campfire, pitch a tent, and in bear country know better than to sleep with my chocolate chip cookies next to my head. […]
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Rubbing The Rust Off My Russian
June 15, 2013
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“That’s the first time I’ve pan-handled in a foreign country,” Glen said.  “Or any country,” I added.    72 hr Visa-free ferry Helsinki-St Petersburg Glen and I walked off the overnight ferry from Helsinki rolling our luggage and studying the map of St Petersburg, Russia.  My “immediate immersion plan” was to find the nearest ATM, get some […]