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Bayou Birding
November 18, 2011
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Sky Island Woman Visits Her Mom In the Deep South My Mom Birding With Me In The Bayou In Back Of Her House “Let’s drag it.  It’s a canoe after all and made to take some rough conditions.”  My Mom and I were slowly waking up after staying up late to visit and catch up on each others’ […]
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Knee Deep In Oaxacan Chili
November 6, 2011
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 Mounds of Oaxacan Fried “Virgin” Grasshoppers  What better way to get into the soul of a place then through native food, like the fried grasshoppers pictured here? If you like Mexican food, Oaxaca, the city of 7 moles(mo-lays), is your town. The markets are wonderful, especially for those brave enough to try new things.  Did I mention the chilis? […]